Monofloral honey types from the best areas of Spain and other countries.

From the different monofloral honey types we commercialize, we want to highlight the following:

  • Orange blossom honey: extra white to white (5-34 mm Pfund), nice and sweet scent
  • Rosemary honey: white (20-34 mm Pfund), typical honey in the Mediterranean area, with a tendency to crystallize.
  • Heather honey: dark amber (about 100 mm Pfund), strong flavor, highly energizing, high in iron.
  • Lavender honey: light amber (35 – 60 mm Pfund) nice flavor, with tonic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Eucalyptus honey: dark amber (60-75 mm Pfund), strong distinctive flavor.
  • Forest honey: dark amber ( ≥ 90 mm Pfund), high-conductivity honey because it is rich in mineral salts, iron and enzymes.
  • Thyme honey: extra light amber (<55 mm Pfund) with digestive properties.
  • Other honey types: chestnut honey, lemon honey, broom honey, albaida honey, French lavender honey, sunflower honey, prairie honey, acacia honey.



300 kg drums

3.5 kg and 22 kg cube containers

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