Quality and the best conditions for beekeepers/ customers

Homogenized and non-homogenized honey (directly from the beekeeper) Origin: Spain and other countries.

Monofloral honey types from the best areas of Spain and other countries.

Honey intended for industrial use, adjusted to the technical characteristics and needs of our customers.

Wax directly extracted from the beehive, in blocks.

Pollen, propolis and royal jelly.



The best conditions for beekeepers

We want to support those beekeepers that have a leading role in the ecosystem by taking care of the bees to obtain benefits such as pollination or honey production.

We develop a trustworthy relationship, where their priorities as well as the market’s are fundamental. That is why we offer flexible conditions for each harvest to reach a meeting point between the supply of each year and the current demand of the market.

Assistance, respect and integrity are our premises for the beekeepers. For those who give us a precious commodity such as the honey.

The best purchase and payment terms and conditions for beekeepers


Premium-quality honey


Spanish honey,

beeswax and

other bee products.

Tiempos Naturales SL is created in Spain in 2001 by supplying Spanish honey, pollen and other bee products.
At present, we supply honey from different parts of Europe, not only Spain, and from the main global exporters.
We select high-quality honey and bee products to fulfill our customers’ needs and requirements.
We supply the national and the international markets and adapt to the needs of each customer, in terms of time, volume and conditions.
Our goal is to be the Spanish leading company in premium-quality honey purchase and supply.
Our mission is to develop long-term relations with our customers and suppliers through good business practices.


Sound business relations based on respect and professionalism

Quality leaders in the market

Leading company in the honey industry

Purchase conditions
The best conditions for beekeepers


MANAGEMENT: Focuses on team building and business leadership

PURCHASE: Buy well to sell well

QUALITY: Strict quality system

SALES: Highest quality sales


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