About us

Tiempos Naturales SL is created in Spain in 2001 by supplying Spanish honey, pollen and other bee products.

At present, we supply honey from different parts of Europe, not only Spain, and from the main global exporters.

We select high-quality honey and bee products to fulfill our customers’ needs and requirements.

We supply the national and the international markets and adapt to the needs of each customer, in terms of time, volume and conditions.

Our goal is to be the Spanish leading company in premium-quality honey purchase and supply.

Our mission is to develop long-term relations with our customers and suppliers through good business practices.

Our Team

MANAGEMENT: Focuses on team building and business leadership
Our staff, our most valuable asset.
We are international trade professionals who integrate a team of people who foster sound and trustworthy relations with their customers and suppliers.

PURCHASE: Buy well to sell well
The Purchase Department looks for the best products and honey in Spain, Portugal, South America, among other places, with the highest standards of quality.

QUALITY: Strict quality system
Quality is our differentiating and competitive element in the industry. Thanks to our emphasis on quality, we have been in the market for 30 years and gained the best reputation globally.
We believe in quality and innovation, that is why our customers continue working with us every year.

SALES Highest quality sales
The Sales Department believes in respect, integrity and good work with their customers by providing the best options according to the origin of the products and the needs of the customers.
We not only sell but advise our customers according to the conditions of the market.